Happy Ali is a global news website dedicated to the power of positive news.

We’re going to disrupt the status quo of traditional newspapers with an undeniably

uplifting spin on world news – an antidote to the storm of negativity thrust on us daily

by the mainstream media. We want to fill our readers with joy!

With editorial teams across the globe, Happy Ali will provide quality independent journalism with a focus on inspiring
and life-affirming news and features everyday – needed at this time in history more than ever, don’t you think?

Our founder and CEO, Arthur Koeman, believes that reading positive news can create a happier life: 

“Positive news works as medicine for a healthier mind and body. I was inspired to create Happy Ali for everyone
who is distressed by the daily serving of disheartening news – we need the good news to outweigh the bad.”

Happy Ali’s sections range from science, environment, wellness, lifestyle, food and travel, and more — so you can connect with topics that you love and interact with a like-minded community on digital and social platforms. 

So start your day with a smile!

Happy Ali is a global online newspaper, written by internationally renowned journalists with an eye towards presenting positive news. We cannot change the news but we can change our readers’ and our subscribers’ daily outlooks to a degree. Our Charter and company seek engagement and inclusion globally with steady growth over a three year period from launch.

Happy Ali is dedicated to quality, independent news reporting with a positive aspect,
and publishing global events in a wide range of topics, including society as a whole, wellness, science, environment, lifestyle, food and travel. 

Our goal is to build a better tomorrow for a community that has been downtrodden
by a daily serving of poorly presented, sensationalised news and rumours to such
an extent it is almost hard sometimes to believe what is reliable news

meet our team


Founder and CEO

Arthur founded Happy Ali with the belief that it is the right time to share positive news with the world. He has over 40 years experience in trading companies in the Far East, and sprinkles his genie dust to make things happen!
Happiest when…
I can share the joy and  passion of Happy Ali with our many followers!



Award-winning editor and former Editor-in-Chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly, Robyn became Group Publisher at Bauer Media, responsible for the Hearst Magazine Group’s titles including Harper’s BAZAAR. Publisher of WomenLoveTech.com and TheCarousel.com
Happiest when…
kayaking and watching the sunrise!



An award-winning publisher, writer, and content strategist with international print and digital companies including The Financial Times, The Condé Nast Group, Art Basel, and Edipresse, Sooni is also Co-Founder of the Sassy Media Group.
Happiest when…
dancing the night away!

our team


News Editor

With over 40 years on some of the most successful magazines in Australia, including 22 years as Associate Editor at The Australian Women’s Weekly, Michael has won multiple awards including Journalist of the Year, Writer of the Year, and Story of the Year, among others.
Happiest when…
astride my motorcycle. I’ve had the big steel bike bug since I was about 12!

Peter Shadbolt

Feature Writer

A 30-year veteran of print journalism, Peter was formerly with CNN in London and Hong Kong, the Financial Times in Hong Kong, and United Press International in Rome.
Happiest when…
eating a perfectly cooked spaghetti carbonara!


Feature Writer

Published author of five novels and multiple short story award winner, Trevor has many years of publication experience in newspapers and trade journals.
Happiest when…
I am heading for the airport bound for a new destination!

Lyndey milan

Food Editor

An award-winning multimedia presenter, author and TV chef, Lyndey is bringing her joie de vivre to Happy Ali with food, wine, recipes, interviews and video content.
Happiest when…
sharing the hospitality of the table with family, friends, and newcomers!

our team

Sonia tan


A former photo-journalist and currently working in broadcasting, Sonia contributes features and photographs for Happy Ali.
Happiest when…
exploring, meeting people, and learning new things!

Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas


Helming The Australian Women’s Weekly for almost a decade, Deborah also edited Australia’s most popular women’s magazines, Cleo, Elle and Mode, before moving to corporate roles.
Happiest when…
the sun is shining and I am talking, laughing and sharing quality time with great friends and family!

Shelley Ferguson


Interior designer, TV host, nature lover, wife and mum of two, Shelley has a career spanning 20 years in the home magazine industry with her own interior design company, Rock The House.
Happiest when…
on a white sand beach in New Zealand in summer with friends, family and a cold glass of rosé!

our team


Health Editor

Award-winning Editor of Good Health magazine for over 15 years, Catherine has an enthusiastic interest in wellbeing and alternative therapies, while also ghost-writing, travel writing and dabbling in fiction. 
Happiest when…
I am playing an entertaining game of doubles on a grass tennis court!



A lawyer and Chairman of Sovereign Trust, Howard launched the charity The Sovereign Art Foundation in 2003. A regular newspaper contributor and author, he owns a vineyard in Portugal called Howard’s Folly.
Happiest when…
drinking great wine with great friends and watching sport.

Nicola Kelly


An experienced print journalist, working both as a writer and editor for multiple UK newspapers and magazines including the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday, Nicola has also run a media training company. She is now a media consultant. 
Happiest when…
As a yoga newbie I manage to do a new pose without falling into a tangled mess on the floor!

Hannah Lising-White

Social Media Producer

Experienced in digital marketing, social media, communications and journalism, Hannah has worked in AI, publishing, fashion and charities.  
Happiest when…
I'm home in Sydney, overlooking the sea, tanning with my two triplet brothers!

our support team


Director of Branding

Experienced in brand extension and licensing, Daniel has worked in these arenas for over 20 years in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the UK. 
Happiest when…
I’ve got a heap of trips to look forward to with my kids!


Head of Marketing

A communications professional with over 10 years experience in hospitality and luxury lifestyle fields, Michelle specialises in public relations, brand building and strategic marketing. 
Happiest when…
travelling as it allows me to experience the natural, cultural and man-made wonders of the world!

Maarten Fraza

Head of IT

CEO and Founder of Guko Digital, Maarten’s experience in all aspects of IT made him the perfect choice for the technical setup of the Happy Ali website and IT platform.
Happiest when…
holidaying in the company of loved ones with a glass of wine in hand!

Mark Pinkstone


A veteran journalist, Mark was Former Chief Information Officer for the Hong Kong (British) Government, Corporate Affairs Director of Datuk Kemerat Holdings (Malaysia), Leavesden Studios (London) and Banque Financier de la Citi (Geneva).
Happiest when…
I’m with my family and my daughter’s twin girls, the little monkeys, are always playing tricks on grandad!

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